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Frequently Asked Questions

Is AAA membership worth the cost?

In summary, an AAA membership is worth it for those who will make use of the discounts and extra perks. Although the benefit of roadside assistance is key, you can really make use of your annual fee if you take advantage of the membership perks. Likewise, it is worth it for those who often experience roadside issues.

Do I get a discount with AAA membership?

With the AAA Premier Membership you can get 200 miles of towing, free emergency fuel and delivery, member-only discounts, free car rental with a tow, and so much more. Sign up for an AAA membership to unlock exclusive member-only discounts at top stores across the US.

How much is the AAA membership fee?

To offer a quick overview, the cost to join AAA varies depending on your region, but you can expect to pay approximately $20 for a “one-time-admission fee” in addition to the cost of your annual membership, which may range from $40-70 for the basic option.

How much does AAA family membership cost?

Your AAA Membership allows you to add family members to your existing Membership for as little as $37 a year, depending on which plan you have and which state you live in. Now, for a limited time, you can add household Members to your account at half-off.*.

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