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Frequently Asked Questions

Does AAA offer homeowners insurance?

Does AAA sell homeowners insurance? Yes. AAA sells homeowners insurance in most places it sells auto insurance, though its home insurance is not as widely available or full-featured as its auto coverage. Is AAA a good insurance company? AAA is a good insurance company, especially for car insurance.

Is AAA home insurance any good?

Nevertheless, AAA remains a good choice for home insurance, especially for those looking for additional savings through mult-policy discounts. With 115 years of experience in the industry, AAA offers members vast insurance expertise backed by their excellent financial strength and long-term issuer creditworthiness.

What does Triple AAA mean?

Triple-A (AAA) rated bonds are those deemed least likely to default. In return for this safety, the bonds return the lowest interest rate. Bond-rating agencies take into account a company's balance sheet and many other factors.

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