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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Tricare a good insurance?

Tricare Select is outstanding stand-alone coverage and I'm surprised that your employer's health insurance is a better offer. (It does happen, but it's definitely an exception.) If you are using your employer health insurance, Tricare Select can help with deductibles, co-pays, and cost-shares of your employer coverage.

Is Tricare better than champva?

Is Tricare better than champva? By managing your plan properly, neither one is better than the other, in the fields in which they focus. CHAMPVA claims take just as much to process as Tricare. Tricare costs the same as CHAMPVA. In the end, both policies work for certain situations better than the other, and not as well in other situations.

What are the three health care options of Tricare?

You have three TRICARE Health Care Options: TRICARE Prime – where Military Treatment Facilities (MTFs) are the principal source of health care. TRICARE Extra – a preferred provider option that saves money; and TRICARE Standard – a fee-for-service option (the old CHAMPUS program)

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