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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the treasury function do?

The treasury dept is responsible for the timely availability of those funds when needed for the support of the business. The treasury is a key head office function that enables business managers to focus on their key areas of expertise, be it manufacturing or sales.

What are Treasury issues?

Created in 1789, the Treasury issues Treasury securities, which is debt that the American government uses to pay for some of its functions. It also administers the Internal Revenue Service, which collects taxes and decides how tax laws and regulations are enforced, and the U.S. Mint, which prints and disburses currency.

How much do treasury bills pay?

Every six months, treasury notes pay out an amount equal to half of their "coupon rate." Here's an example: say you have a $10,000 ten year treasury note with a coupon rate of 4.25%. Every six months, you'll receive a payment of $217.50 from the goverment, then when the note matures, you can redeem it for $10,000.

How does the Treasury work?

The Federal Reserve and the Department of the Treasury also work together to borrow money when the government needs to raise cash. The Federal Reserve issues U.S. Treasury securities and conducts Treasury securities auctions, selling these securities on behalf of the Department of the Treasury. Examples of Treasury securities include:

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