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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I translate document from English to Spanish?

Open the English-language Microsoft Word 2013 file you wish to translate into Spanish. Select "Review" then choose "Translate" under the Language tab. Select "Choose Translation Language" and pick Spanish for the "Translate from" option and English for the "Translate to" option. Press "OK" to confirm your choice.

How do I translate English to Spanish?

Using the drop-down menus, set the Translate from option to English and the Translate to option to Spanish. Press the ALT key, then click on any word to show its Spanish translation in the Research pane. To translate sentences or phrases, select the group of words, press ALT and click the selection.

How do you change language to Spanish?

Depending on the computer that you have, you may have to move the language to the top of the list or you may need to select it as the primary language: Select the Spanish language and click on the option “Move up” until it is located at the top of the list. Click on “Options” and choose the option Make this the primary language.

Can You translate from English to Spanish?

Point to the English word you wish to translate to Spanish with your mouse's cursor. The translated word appears instantly. Step. Point to an English word when you have the Mini Translator activated, then click the Play icon -- indicated by a green arrow -- to hear a spoken translation of the word.

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