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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Chinese a root language of English?

We all know that Chinese is not a phonetic alphabetical language. Many people classify its writing as pictographs. Today, many people believe that only phonetic language has root words, such as English which has many Latin and Greek root words. Yet, only a portion of English words has some sort of root.

What is the Chinese word for English?

The English word Chinglish is a portmanteau of Chinese and English. The Chinese equivalent is Zhōngshì Yīngyǔ (simplified Chinese: 中式英语; traditional Chinese: 中式英語; literally: "Chinese-style English").

What is the Chinese language for English?

Chinese language. In English we call the standard Chinese language Mandarin. In mainland China they call it " Pǔtōnghuà " or "common to everybody speech.". In Taiwan they call it " Guóyǔ " or "language of the whole country". All official documents are written in Mandarin, and Mandarin is taught all over China.

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