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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best binoculars in 2019?

Scoring a massive 90% BBR score these Passion HD binoculars are already a winner as the best binocular I tested in 2019.

What are the best Bushnell binoculars?

Falcon series of Bushnell binoculars are known for their superb power and build quality for an affordable price. The 133410 model fits this category perfectly well – it disposes of InstaFocus lever that offers an accurate picture and a Porro prism with coated lenses for the sharpness of the image.

Which Zeiss binoculars are best for close focus?

The Zeiss Terra ED 8x32 also performs respectably at 5.3 feet. If you're particularly concerned about close focus range, we suggest one of these models. Our lead tester, Jessica, comparing a few sets of binoculars in the field.

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