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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you know what 20/20 actually mean?

Everyone knows the phrase "20/20". There is even an expression "20/20 hindsight" which is often used to describe how things went off the rails and what should have been done in the first place. Most people only know these 20/20 numbers as a way of describing an ideal situation of how they would like to see without glasses or contacts.

Is 20/20 really perfect vision?

"Perfect sight" is frequently equated with the ability to see 20/20, despite the fact it is actually more than that, much more. Most people don't think about vision until they have difficulty seeing clearly- often due to a refractive condition like myopia(nearsightedness) which causes a reduction in visual acuity.

What channel is 20/20 on?

20/20 (stylized as 2020) is an American television newsmagazine that has been broadcast on ABC since June 6, 1978.

How to watch 20 20 online?

20/20 is available for streaming on the ABC website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch 20/20 on demand at Disney+, Amazon, Hulu and ABC.

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