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Frequently Asked Questions

Is tlauncher trustworthy?

TLauncher appears to be safe at first, but when uninstalling it it will remove your minecraft data and .minecraft folder. level 1. Op · 8 mo. ago. Final toughts tlauncher is malware uninstall it quick. level 2. Op · 8 mo. ago. dont be mad at me i am not saying its but VT says and anyrun says malware even i thought it was safe.

How to install fabric in tlauncher?

read carefully. first get fabric installer from and choose your version you want. click client tab if not selected. in install location enter the following and change yourusername to your device username. click install. open tlauncher. in the bottom there is a dropdown. select fabricloader in the dropdown and play.

Is tlauncher Java or bedrock?

TLauncher just means "pirated Java Edition", so our initial answer is "no", as Java and Bedrock editions are (intentionally) not compatible. However, I've heard that the GeyserMC server software can enable Bedrock clients to connect to Java servers, acting as a middleman. If that works (I've never tried it) then those people can, technically, play together.

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