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Frequently Asked Questions

What to consider before renting out your home?

Beyond the lease agreement, there are a number of forms you’ll need to have on hand before renting your house out. These include rental applications, credit check authorization forms, any disclosures your state requires, move in checklists, move out forms, and various notices to tenants.

What are the pros and cons of renting your home?

Pros and cons of renting out your home include: Pros. • Keep property to sell later at a better price. • Rental income covers mortgage, taxes, insurance, etc. • Tax breaks offset rent or other income. Cons:

Should you turn your residence into a rental?

There are many reasons for using your property as a rental. Maybe your home has been on the market for a long period, and you've determined that you can't sell it at a value that allows you to break even. Maybe you inherited or were gifted a property that you don't want to sell.

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