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What is the structure zone model?

The structure zone models, previously developed to classify the larger sized physical structures, are revised to account for the evolutionary growth stages of structure development as well as the separate effects of thermal‐ and bombardment‐induced mobility. The zone T introduced by Thornton is shown to be a subzone within zone 1.

What are integrated models of structural zones of Ti-Al-N-based and Tin films?

Integrated models of structural zones of the Ti-Al-N-based and TiN films formed by the arc method are constructed for the qualitative description and prediction of the structural evolution of the film depending on the process and temperature parameters of the preparation and deposition.

What is the Thornton model of sputtering?

Originally, the Thornton model was developed to describe the growth of sputtered metals in dependence of two parameters, substrate temperature and sputter pressure [10], [11]. In literature, this model is very often applied to describe the growth of sputtered films of different materials (e.g. [12], [13]).

What is Thornton SZM?

Thornton ׳ SZM developed to produ ce single-layer thick films by the magnetron sputtering, hold for [18]. There are various examples for the structure monitori ng of films based on oxides, nitrides and fluorides of solid and gaseous elements, obtain ed by a number of vacuum methods, using Thornton ׳ SZM [11].

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