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Frequently Asked Questions

What are words associated with spring?

spring, Spring Break, spring cleaning, Spring Flowers, spring green, spring-inspired, springtime, sprout, sprouting, stem, sun-filled, sun-kissed, sunlit, sunny, sunshine, sweet, swimming, tadpole, teeming, tender, thaw, tulip, umbrella, unpredictable, verdant, vernal, vernal equinox, vibrant, violet, wake up, warm, warming, weather, wind, windy, worm, young.

What is the antonym of spring?

noun. (ˈsprɪŋ, spɝˈɪŋ) A natural flow of ground water. Synonyms. geological formation outpouring Fountain of Youth geyser thermal spring natural spring formation fountain outflow hot spring. Antonyms. descend go advance fall follow. Etymology.

What is another name for spring?

Synonyms for spring in Free Thesaurus. Antonyms for spring. 200 synonyms for spring: springtime, springtide, source, root, origin, well, beginning, cause, fount, fountainhead, wellspring, flexibility, give, bounce....

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