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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you spell sadness?

The Correct spelling is: sadness. Common misspellings of the word sadness are: sadness in french. sadness in spanish.

What are other words to describe sadness?

Different words to describe 'Sadness' in English. Morose - Downcast - Down in the dumps /down in the doldrums - Blue -. You can also use this word to describe the weather if it is very dull and lacks cheer. ... Melancholy-. Melancholy is used to describe a state of affairs or a general feeling enveloping a person or place . Despondent -. ... Dejected -. ... Sorry -. ... Forlorn -. ... Rock-bottom -

Is sadness a noun?

Sadness Is A Noun. Sadness is a door that opens Into nothingness — a noun, a state Of being. It exists in the absence of Joy. It is a room full Of lights with the switch turned off. Sometimes, the descent into darkness Is a jarring moment of sudden realization With silence so loud, it blinds.

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