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Frequently Asked Questions

What are synonyms for opportunities?

Synonyms for Opportunities: n. •alternative (noun) opportunity. •break (noun) chance. •chance (noun) outlook, prospect, likelihood. •chances (noun) coin tosses, accidents, coincidences, chances, fortuities, adventures, fortunes, fates, Flukes.

What is an antonym for opportunity?

In business management context, the antonym of 'opportunity' is 'threat'. An 'opportunity' by definition is a circumstance where one has possibility of gaining some benefit, and a 'threat' is exactly the opposite - a circumstance where one has possibility of some loss.

What is another word for opportunities?

Another word for opportunity. opportunity Synonyms. n. Favorable circumstances. chance, occasion, suitable circumstance, juncture, opening, excuse, happening, contingency, event, befalling, probability, fitness, fortuity, good fortune, luck, hap*, fair go*, break*, even break*, shot*; see also possibility 2.

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