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Frequently Asked Questions

What do words mean fun?

Synonyms for fun. amusing. enjoyable. entertaining. lively. pleasant. boisterous. convivial. diverting.

Is word fun is a noun?

"Fun" as a Noun Everyone agrees that "fun" can be a noun; it's been used that way since the 1700s. For example, if you say "She sings for fun," or "She sings for money," "fun" and "money" are both nouns.

What is a synonym for fun?

Synonyms for Fun: adj. •amusing (adjective) charming, playful, entertaining, jolly, Light-hearted, diverting, delightful, relaxing, stimulating, recreational, beguiling, frivolous, enthralling, witty, merry, lively, hilarious, pleasing, jocular, laughable, Distracting, rollicking, refreshing, amusing. •friendly (adjective) gregarious. n. • cheerful.

Is fun a word?

Fun - a word that we use so loosely that it may have almost lost its original meaning. As a word, different people have given it different renditions and different reasons. Technically, the word fun means "Activities that are enjoyable or amusing".

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