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Frequently Asked Questions

What is another word for bulky?

Synonyms for Bulky: adj. •burly (adjective) hulky, well-built. •heavy (adjective) heavy-laden. •huge (adjective) awkward, hulking, heavy, cumbrous, enormous, beefy, massive, unmanageable, weighty, colossal, hefty, high, unwieldy, gross, ponderous, immense, voluminous, cumbersome, large, substantial, big, long, Unhandy, mammoth.

What does a bulky uterus signify?

A bulky uterus may occur after a woman has had a Cesarean section. Birth control can be taken to reduce the pain and bleeding associated with a bulky uterus. The uterus is part of the female reproductive system. Sharp cramps may be a sign of a bulky uterus.

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