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What makes something a theory in science?

A theory not only explains known facts; it also allows scientists to make predictions of what they should observe if a theory is true. Scientific theories are testable. New evidence should be compatible with a theory. If it isn't, the theory is refined or rejected. The longer the central elements of a theory hold—the more observations it ...

What does the word theory mean when used in science?

In science, a theory is an explanation of the natural world that has been repeatedly tested and verified using the scientific method. In common usage, the word "theory" means something very different. It could refer to a speculative guess. Scientific theories are testable and falsifiable. That is, it's possible a theory might be disproven.

What is the meaning of theory in science?

In the context of science, a theory is a well-established explanation for scientific data. Theories typically cannot be proven, but they can become established if they are tested by several different scientific investigators. A theory can be disproven by a single contrary result.

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