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Frequently Asked Questions

Who wrote Summertime by the Sundays?

" Summertime " is a song by English alternative rock band the Sundays. Written and produced by guitarist David Gavurin and lead singer Harriet Wheeler, the song was recorded for the band's 1997 album, Static & Silence, and released on 8 September 1997 as the first single from the album.

What is Summertime by the Sundays about?

Summertime is until today The Sundays' most successful single worldwide, peaking at number 15 in their native United Kingdom and becoming a top-fifty hit in Australia and Canada. It’s a rather joyful upbeat song about a summer love.

What happened to remember the Sundays?

Remember the Sundays, the boot-wearing college rock darlings from London, England? At the height of the alternative scene in the 1990s, they were adored by fans all over the world, some of whom carried a huge crush on lead singer Harriet Wheeler, but the group never quite seemed to cross over into the mainstream.

What was the Sundays'first song?

The Sundays released their first single " Can't Be Sure " in January 1989. It topped the British indie charts and received acclaim as one of the best singles of 1989. The group performed three songs in a session with popular disc jockey John Peel. These songs would later turn up on their debut album, Reading, Writing and Arithmetic.

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