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Frequently Asked Questions

Who was the Sun's first page 3 girl?

Unbelievably, it’s been half a century since German supermodel Stephanie Marrian became The Sun’s first ever Page 3 girl in 1970. Since then, the likes of Samantha Fox, Katie Price, Keeley Hazell and Maria Whittaker have all followed in her footsteps.

When did the Sun topless Page 3 come out?

Today’s page 3 with a link to where you can see today’s picture online. Photograph: The Sun Topless Page 3 models were introduced by the Sun in 1970, less than a year after Rupert Murdoch bought the title. The change may be reversed, it is understood, if it results in a noticeable Sun sales decline.

When was Page 3 banned from the Sun?

But fast-forward to January 2015 and the tabloid quietly stopped publishing pictures of topless pin-ups. So, why was Page 3 banned? Here’s everything you need to know. Why was Page 3 banned? Page 3 was banned in 2015 following a three year campaign led by Lucy-Anne Holmes.

Who is the youngest Page 3 model in the Sun?

Sam Fox posed topless for The Sun when she was just 16, making her the youngest Page 3 model. Her pictures ran underneath the headline ‘Sam, 16, Quits A-Levels for Ooh-Levels’.

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