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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the sun just an ordinary star?

The Sun is a very ordinary star, similar to billions of others scattered across the Milky Way. An island of stars in space, the disc-shaped Milky Way is a galaxy so broad that light takes 100,000 years to cross it.

What is the summary of the Sun is also a star?

“The Sun is Also a Star” is a novel that belongs to the very famous young-adult genre, which has topped the bestselling lists around the US. It is a story about two young migrants in the US who fall in love but are separated because the female protagonist and her family get deported from the country.

Is the Sun the hottest known star?

But the hottest known stars in the Universe are the blue hypergiant stars. These are stars with more than 100 times the mass of the Sun. One of the best known examples is Eta Carinae, located about 7,500 light-years from the Sun.

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