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Frequently Asked Questions

Who wrote the first book on Scottish fairy tales?

Published in The Scottish Fairy Book by Elizabeth Grierson (1910), Frederick A. Stokes Company. Read Scottish fairy tales from the Highlands and the Lowlands of Scotland collected by Charles Tibbits, Andrew Lang, and more. Browse full list of Scottish fairy tales.

Where can I find fairy tales in Scotland?

Browse full list of Scottish fairy tales. About: If tales of giants and fairies intrigue and excite you, the Highlands of Scotland offer some of the most vivid and captivating fairy tales ever recorded, but it is from the Shetland Islands you will find the chilling and riveting tales of trolls.

What was the first British fairy tale collection?

British fairy tale collections were rare at the time; Dinah Craik 's The Fairy Book (1869) was a lonely precedent.

What is the Yellow Fairy Book?

The Yellow Fairy Book is a collection of tales from all over the world. It features many tales from Hans Christian Andersen . Contains 30 true stories, mainly drawn from European history.

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