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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Scottish clan chief called?

Scottish clan chief. The clan chief is the representative of this founder, and represents the clan. In the Scottish clan system, a chief is greater than a chieftain, a designation applied to heads of branches of a clan. Scottish clans that no longer have a clan chief are referred to as armigerous clans .

How many clans are there in Scotland?

The Clans Of Scotland Today. Scotland has a population of around 5,295,000 (estimated figure from the official 2011 census), but there are an enormous number of people around the world who have Scottish ancestors... anywhere between 45 and 85 million of them! Today, a clan is a legally recognized group in Scotland,...

What was the Scottish Covenant?

Scottish Covenant. The name of the Covenant is a reference to the Solemn League and Covenant which established the rights of the Church of Scotland in the 17th century. An Ulster Covenant was also made in 1912, opposing the idea of Home Rule in Ireland .

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