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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is despair from the Netflix adaptation?

This article is about Despair from the Netflix adaptation. You may be looking for Despair from the comic series. Despair is Desire 's twin, and Dream 's sister. She is the moment when all hope is gone, the bleakest of the Endless . Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted.

What does despair look like in the manga?

Both incarnations of Despair are depicted as short, obese woman with unkempt, dark hair that is styled in a messy bun. She does not wear clothing of any kind, but always wears her hooked ring. She is the shortest of the Endless.

What does despair look like in Endless Nights?

She sometimes has tusks, an underbite, sharp teeth, a disfigured eye, or a troll-like appearance. Physically, both incarnations of Despair resembles their mother in figure. The original Despair is only shown briefly in Endless Nights. From what is seen, she is talkative, confident, and is a thoughtful architect of sorrow.

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