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Frequently Asked Questions

How to use "stifle" in a sentence?

stifle in A SentenceAnyway, the box is stifling.Protests and dissension were Stifled.Don't Stifle the boy, Marge.I couldn't help but Stifle a laugh.It's stifling sometimes. The plastic glaze of industrialized food; the Stifled creativity.They Stifle their laughter and put on their mourning faces.But layoffs can actually end up stifling growth, she says. ...

How do you use the word stifle in a sentence?

to suppress or restrain something; to hold something back Examples of Stifle in a sentence The children tried to stifle their laughter during class but couldn’t hold back their giggles for long. As they hid in the attic, the mother tried to stifle the baby’s cry so the Nazis wouldn't find them.

What is the past tense of stifle?

past tense of stifle is stifled. He/She/It stifles . I stifle. You/We/They stifle. He/She/It is stifling. I am stifling. You/We/They are stifling. He/She/It has stifled. I have stifled. You/We/They have stifled. He/She/It has been stifling.

What is the definition of stifle?

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. The stifle joint (often simply stifle) is a complex joint in the hind limbs of quadruped mammals such as the sheep, horse or dog. It is the equivalent of the human knee and is often the largest synovial joint in the animal's body.

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