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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the listings lab?

In The Listings Lab, you'll have intimate access to myself and my industry-leading marketing team to guide and support you... while you build consistency, predictability, and scalability in your real estate business (once and for all). You need more qualified leads who are excited to work with you instead of shopping for the lowest commission.

What is the 90 day listings lab for real estate?

From that experience, she launched the 90 day Listings Lab for real estate, targeted at those doing low to mid six-figures to ensure that she could help Real Estate Agents from making the same mistakes in both marketing and scaling. Your browser does not support the HTML5 video tag.

Where can I find a list of NRTLs in Florida?

Current List of NRTLs. 1 Applied Research Laboratories of South Florida, LLC. 5371 NW 161st Street. Miami, Florida 33014. United States. More ›. 2 Bay Area Compliance Laboratories. 3 Bureau Veritas Consumer Products Services, Inc. (BVCPS) 4 CSA Group Testing and Certification Inc. 5 DEKRA Certification, Inc. More items

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