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Frequently Asked Questions

What is INF influencer book?

Influencer: The Power to Change Anything. From the bestselling authors who taught the world how to have Crucial Conversations comes Influencer, a thought-provoking book that combines the remarkable insights of behavioral scientists and business leaders with the astonishing stories of high-powered influencers from all walks of life.

Is influencer an “also-ran”?

This book is most definitely not an “also-ran.” Whether you read/own such other books or not, if you want to influence/persuade anyone, this is a must-own book that can both stand alone by itself as well as be an added tool in a library of such other books in this genre. “Influencer: The Power to Change Anything”is a 5-star book.

What is the book influence and change all about?

The book is a beautifully crafted weaving together of researched principles regarding Influence and Change, highlighted with gripping vignettes that show examples of how these principles have been applied successful, or misapplied unsuccessfully. The stories make this book breathe.

Is the 6 strategies of influence a game changer?

This book is a game changer if you are in a position to influence people. The 6 strategies of influence are great. I really loved the stories of how real life people and companies put these strategies to work and the success they had, just because they were able to influence people to change behaviors.

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