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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Fury based on a true story?

The Fury is a 1978 American supernatural thriller film directed by Brian De Palma and starring Kirk Douglas, John Cassavetes, Amy Irving, Carrie Snodgress, Charles Durning, and Andrew Stevens. The screenplay by John Farris was based on his 1976 novel of the same name .

Who is Andrew Stevens in the Fury?

The Fury. "The Fury" stars Kirk Douglas as the father of one of the paranormal kids ( Andrew Stevens ). The kid is kidnapped by a CIA-like secret government agency, and spirited away to a top-secret resort where all sorts of luxuries (like Fiona Lewis) are supplied if Stevens will cooperate.

Is the Fury the same as Carrie?

For the first hour of its running time, The Fury resembles two very different films, running side by side. One film is a new take on Carrie, in which a young girl finds she has telekinetic powers - the twist being that she causes people to bleed whenever she touches them.

Is the Fury worth watching?

The Fury is an odd and flawed yet strangely compelling film. From a structural point of view it's as much of a compelling mess as Phantom of the Paradise, and in attempting to reconcile its storylines, it doesn't deliver quite the amount of substance we need.

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