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Frequently Asked Questions

What are some careers for children?

Careers in education that involve children include kindergarten, elementary and middle school teachers, in addition to school librarians, teaching assistants, school counselors and day care or child care workers.

What careers work with special needs children?

Special education careers include jobs as special education teachers and teacher assistants as well as support services for special needs children and adults. Special education teachers can be found in schools for grades pre-kindergarten to 12, and there are college- and university-level positions.

What are some careers in child development?

Child development careers are positions that involve caring for and educating children up to the age of five. Usually these jobs are in daycare centers, early childhood education programs such as pre-schools, or in-home childcare centers. People entering this field typically gain experience as a pre-school teacher's aid or assistant.

What is the job description of a child life specialist?

Child Life Specialist Job Description. The job of a child life specialist entails giving support and assistance to children as well as their families during the child’s hospitalization. The child life specialist especially offers emotional and physical support, working together with the medical team attending on children.

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