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Frequently Asked Questions

What careers work with children?

Other Careers That Involve Children. Social Worker. Social workers work with children and their parents to help them overcome life problems such as poverty, drug addiction, domestic abuse and chronic illness. They help clients enroll in social service programs such as food assistance, low-income housing and Medicaid.

What careers work with special needs children?

Special education careers include jobs as special education teachers and teacher assistants as well as support services for special needs children and adults. Special education teachers can be found in schools for grades pre-kindergarten to 12, and there are college- and university-level positions.

What are the different child care jobs?

The 6 Most Common Child Care Jobs Babysitters. Babysitters generally watch one or more children for an hourly (rather than salaried or weekly) rate. Nannies. A nanny typically cares for the children in one family on a full-time or part-time basis. ... Day Care Workers. ... Mother's Helpers. ... Nursery or Preschool Teachers. ... Au Pairs. ...

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