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Frequently Asked Questions

Who plays Debbie in the Addams Family Values?

Debbie Addams (née Jellinsky) is the main villainess in the 1993 movie Addams Family Values. She is played by the actress Joan Cusack. Debbie first appears when she starts working as a nanny taking care of the three Addams children, Wednesday, Pugsley and Baby Pubert. Very early in the movie, we learn that she is, in fact, the infamous “Black Widow” serial killer, who has in the past used ...

Who is the girl in the Addams Family?

Amanda Buckman is a character in 1991's The Addams Family and in Addams Family Values.She was played by Mercedes McNab.. About Amanda. She is a spoiled, rich girl who attended Camp Chippewa with Wednesday and Pugsley Addams.She is the daughter of Don and Ellen Buckman.. She has blonde hair and is very pretty, though she wore headgear to bed (which is later taken by outcast Joel Glicker).

Who is the actress in Adams family?

Who is the actress in the Addams Family? Over the course of her career, Anjelica Huston has used her acting talent, her husky voice, and her dark features to take on some of the most iconic roles that Hollywood has to offer.

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