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Frequently Asked Questions

Who played Uncle Fester on Addams Family TV show?

Of all the cast members of The Addams Family, it would seem that Jackie, who played Uncle Fester, had in many ways the most challenging life, but somehow managed to keep pushing forward. He was born John Leslie Coogan on October 26, 1914 in Los Angeles.

Who is the little girl in the Addams Family?

Wednesday has a close kinship with the family's giant butler Lurch. In the original Addams Family cartoons illustrated by Charles, Wednesday is a pale, dark-haired, grim-looking little girl who is fascinated with death and macabre. She rarely smiles.

What is the dads name in the Addams Family?

The Father of the Addams Family Charles Addams was the creator of the Addams Family — the warped and gruesome stars of magazine cartoons, a TV show and two movies. According to those who knew ...

What is the babies name from Addams Family?

Pubert was changed to Pugsley but resurfaced later as the name of the new Addams baby in Addams Family Values. The hairy Cousin Itt was created by the show's producer, David Levy. As they evolved, through the television shows, movies, musical, books, games and merchandise, a core group evolved into The Addams Family we know and love today.

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