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Frequently Asked Questions

What is bedwars texture pack?

A pack for bedwars. All 32x pack with animated items for playing bedwars, skay wars...! A 16x texture pack made for Bedwars. bedwars (/eggwars/pvp/skywars/...) Designed for 1.8.9 Hypixel Bedwars. A texture pack for bedwars.

How does the texture pack work?

The pack remains true to the original textures of the game, but dramatically increases the performance of the game. All the textures in this pack are in 32 by 32, which helps improve what the game looks like, without compromising on the speed of the gameplay. Download the pack here. 2. Chroma

What is the bedless Noob 200k texture pack in Minecraft?

The result was that most Minecraft players used the Bedless Noob 200k texture pack in Bedwars and SkyWars. Actually, this is not a big surprise, because the pack is optimized for PvP. As you probably know, the game mode Bedwars is all about destroying the opponent’s beds. That’s why a lot of effort was put into the bed design.

What are the Best YouTuber texture packs?

If you like YouTuber texture packs, we recommend the Wallibear texture pack. It has a similar structure and is also playable with the Java Edition and the Bedrock Edition (MCPE). Another YouTuber pack is the TommyInnit texture pack. All in all, the pack is more of an overlay and not a full package. There are too many textures missing.

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