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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I send a notice or correspondence to a policyholder?

(d) If the notice or correspondence is sent by electronic means: (1) it must be sent to the master or group policyholder at the policyholder's e-mail address specified for this purpose and to each affected enrolled customer's last known e-mail address as provided by the customer to the insurer or master or group policyholder; and

What are the Texas Department of insurance forms for employers?

Listing of All Texas Department of Insurance Forms TDI Form Number Description AH001 Group Health Product Requirements Checkl ... AH002 Group Health Large and Small Employer Re ... AH003 Group Health Non-Employer or Member Asso ... AH004 Group Health Accident Only/Accidental De ... 26 more rows ...

What is the Texas Department of insurance contract form for adjusters?

This contract form is prescribed by the Texas Department of Insurance to satisfy contract requirements for Public Insurance Adjusters effective January 01, 2014. Rev. 01/2019 Form used for Captive Management Company's Biographical Certificate information. Follow the instructions within the form. Rev. 01/2019

What is a Taipa disclosures form?

Disclosure form/notice regarding interest charges incurred when purchasing liability insurance through the Texas Automobile Insurance Plan Association (TAIPA), if paid through a monthly installment plan. Guidelines for captive insurance company who wishes to relocate to Texas, including optional pre-filing process.

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