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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Texas Board of Nursing (BON)?

This aligns with the mission of the Texas Board of Nursing (BON or Board) to protect and promote the welfare of the people of Texas by ensuring that each person holding a license as a nurse in the State of Texas is competent to practice safely. For each licensure renewal, Board Rule 216.3 requires every nurse to:

How do I renew my nursing license in Texas?

All applicants and licensees can apply for an initial license or renew a license 60 days prior to their expiration date. The system requires applicants to register and create an account with the Board through the Texas Nurse Portal.

What does an LVN do in Texas?

The LVN is responsible for providing safe, compassionate, and focused nursing care to assigned patients with predictable health care needs. Texas Board of Nursing (2010), Differentiated Essential Competencies (DECs) of graduates of Texas Nursing Programs.

When does the Texas Board of Nursing portal go online?

The Texas Board of Nursing will be launching the new completely online Texas Nurse Portal on June 15, 2020. In order to accomplish this task, the Texas BON will cease accepting paper licensure applications on May 29, 2020.

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