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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Texas Bon still accepting paper licensure applications?

The Texas BON ceased accepting paper licensure applications on May 29, 2020. Paper applications received before this cutoff date will be processed by June 5, 2020. The online system was discontinued on June 4, 2020. The new Texas Nurse Portal will be up and running on Monday, June 15, 2020.

Does the Texas Board of Nursing (BON) issue duplicate licenses?

As of September 1, 2008, the Texas Board of Nursing (BON) no longer issues paper licenses. In accordance, the BON no longer issues duplicate licenses. Print a copy from the verification page of the BON website. See below. I did not receive a renewal notice in the mail.

What is the role of the Bon in Texas?

BON Responsibilities and Services. Licensing: The BON issues licenses to graduates of approved nursing education programs seeking licensure by exam and to nurses licensed in other states seeking Texas licensure by endorsement. All nurses are required to renew their licenses on a biennial basis with evidence of required continuing nursing education.

How to contact the Texas Board of Nursing (BON)?

During the present crisis, phone lines may be very busy. Please consult the agency website for FAQs, rules and policies and contact us with questions by email at [email protected] We welcome you to the Texas Board of Nursing (BON or Board) website.

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