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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I write a notarized letter of temporary guardianship?

Format the letter the same way as you would any other kind of formal letter using a block style format . But, you'll also want to incorporate a subject line that states this is a temporary guardianship contract along with the child's name. For the most part, most of these types of letters are intended to cover a time frame of six months or less.

How to file for temporary guardianship?

To obtain a temporary order granting you full legal custody, you must file a petition with the family court in the county where you or the children reside. The petition must state the reason for seeking temporary guardianship and must be served on the other parent, who will have an opportunity to respond.

Do you have to file for temporary guardianship?

In most states, you will need to fill out a temporary guardianship agreement form and have it notarized. You may or may not need to file it with your city, county, or state. You may only need to fill it out and keep a notarized copy on hand. Be sure that both you and the temporary guardian have a copy.

How do you write children's temporary guardianship letter?

How to Write a Guardianship Letter Over to My Child Format and Scope of the Guardianship Letter. A guardianship letter should be drafted according to basic business letter rules. ... Statement of Consent and Scope of Authority. ... Term of Guardianship. ... Signing and Notarizing the Guardianship Letter. ...

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