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Frequently Asked Questions

Can a temporary guardian enroll you in school?

A temporary guardianship won't terminate the rights of the parent to their child. But during the course of temporary guardianship, the guardian will have the same rights as a parent. They can agree to actions like the child's school enrollment or medical treatment.

Do you have to file for temporary guardianship?

In most states, you will need to fill out a temporary guardianship agreement form and have it notarized. You may or may not need to file it with your city, county, or state. You may only need to fill it out and keep a notarized copy on hand. Be sure that both you and the temporary guardian have a copy.

Do I need legal guardianship for school purpose?

Schools can't require that you have legal guardianship of a child before enrolling them in school. You just have to prove that you have legal responsibility for the child. You can prove that you have legal responsibility of the child if you: Have a court order that says so (such as guardianship)

Can I file a temporary guardianship of my child?

In most states, there is a way by which you may request the court to grant temporary guardianship of your child to another person for a specific reason and a set amount of time. Usually, this involves the use of a temporary guardianship form.

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