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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the name Tasmania mean?

Tas·ma·ni·a (tăz-mā′nē-ə, -mān′yə) An island state of southeast Australia consisting of the island of Tasmania along with several smaller islands and separated from the mainland by Bass Strait. Abel Tasman explored the island in 1642, naming it Van Diemen's Land. It was renamed in his honor in 1856.

What is Tasmania best known for?

Tasmania. It is promoted as a natural state, and protected areas of Tasmania cover about 42% of its land area, which includes national parks and World Heritage Sites. Tasmania was the founding place of the first environmental party in the world.

What is Tasmania often called?

Tasmania, often called Tassie, is a lone island off the coast of Australia. It's about 150 miles away from Australia's southern state, Victoria and is the smallest state in Australia. The man who discovered Tasmania is Abel Janszoon Tasman, and the island was named after him.

What languages are spoken in Tasmania?

Tasmania by numbers*. The top five languages (other than English) spoken in Tasmania are: Mandarin, Nepali, German, Greek and Italian. The top five countries of birth (other than Australia) for people in Tasmania are: England, New Zealand, China, Netherlands and Germany.

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