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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I connect to a tableau server?

Open a browser and enter the Tableau Server URL, and append the dedicated TSM web UI port. Here are some examples of what the URL might look like: https://localhost:8850/ (if you're working directly on the server computer) In the sign-in page that appears, enter your administrator user name and password.

What is the tableau server status page?

The Tableau Server status page appears in the Tableau Server web UI and is accessible by Tableau Server administrators. This page includes Tableau Server processes, along with links to troubleshooting documentation if a process is not running as expected.

How do I view licensing information for tableau server?

Use the TSM CLI or the Tableau Server Web UI to see additional licensing information, including the number of each type of user-based license (Creator, Explorer and Viewer). Open a command prompt as administrator on the initial node (the node where TSM is installed).

What version of tableau server does the TSM CLI come with?

The TSM CLI was introduced with Tableau Server on Linux, version 10.5. Beginning with version 2018.2, the TSM Web UI is available.

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