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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Tableau Public Cloud?

Analytics deployed in public cloud with Tableau Server. Tableau Server is the installed version of Tableau Online. It can be deployed on all major public cloud providers, allowing you to maintain full control of the software in your cloud environment.

What is tableau pricing?

Tableau Pricing: Features, Costs and Top BI Alternatives. Tableau is a business intelligence solution that provides users drag-and-drop functionality for preparing data, creating dashboards and visualizations, and sharing insights with other users.

What is tableau portal?

A Tableau portal is an online repository for all of your dashboards. It’s like your very own Tableau CMS. Using InterWorks’ ingenuity and Tableau’s JavaScript API, a portal gives you all the features of Tableau Server and then some:

What is tableau API?

The Tableau Document API provides developers with tools to programmatically make updates to Tableau workbooks and data source files. It allows for modifications without having to hack the XML.

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