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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I install tableau desktop?

To install Tableau Desktop, complete the following steps. Download the installer from one of the following locations: For the most current version of Tableau Desktop, go to the Customer Portal page. As an Administrator log in to the computer where you are installing Tableau Desktop.

Is there a free tableau?

Yes, Tableau free version is the trial version which uses tableau desktop. Tableau free version is not cost-effective for a small organization when creating data visualizations. Consumers can get the public version of tableau desktop for a free license. Aug 26 2019

How do I Activate my tableau desktop license?

After the installation process is finished, open Tableau Desktop. ... Fill out the fields on the registration form and then click Activate Tableau. ... Select one of the following options: Activate with a product key: Use this option if you are activating using the user interface and have a product key. ... More items...

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