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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I enable SSO for tableau server?

Kerberos SSO is supported in both Internet Explorer and Chrome, but it requires configuration in Windows Internet Options: Enable Integrated Windows Authentication. Verify that Tableau Server URL is in the local intranet zone.

What versions of tableau server does Kerberos SSO support?

On Windows or the Mac, you can use Kerberos SSO to sign in to Tableau Server from the following versions of Tableau Desktop or browser. Where noted, additional configuration is required. Tableau Desktop 10.3 or later supported.

What is server-wide SAML authentication in tableau?

Server-wide SAML authentication. A single SAML IdP application handles authentication for all Tableau Server users. Use this option if your server has only the Default site, as it is unnecessary to configure site specific SAML in this case.

How do I configure tableau server to use SSPI for SAML?

To use SSPI for single sign-on, check the ‘Enable automatic logon’ option when configuring Tableau Server to Use Active Directory Configuring Tableau Server for Server-wide SAML Alternatively, if each of your clients will have their own SAML iDP, you will need to configure Tableau Server for site-specific SAML

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