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Frequently Asked Questions

Why tableau CRM is the best choice for your business?

Tableau CRM is ideal for your team members who need their analytics deeply integrated throughout their Salesforce CRM, providing actionability and AI-driven insights natively in the platform. If you are looking to augment Sales Cloud or Service Cloud with insights to drive productivity in the CRM workflow, Tableau CRM is the best product for you.

How do I load Salesforce data into Tableau CRM?

Tableau CRM is as close to plug and play as any analytics solution on the market. There are two ways to load Salesforce data: You can write the data flow yourself, or use a simple visual wizard to create your initial datasets. Many of our customers set up their initial Salesforce datasets within a few minutes or hours.

What is tabletableau CRM?

Tableau CRM (formerly Einstein Analytics) empowers your Salesforce CRM users with actionable insights and AI-driven analytics right in their workflow. Make the right decision every time Work more efficiently, spot trends faster, predict outcomes, and get AI-based guidance on the best steps to take while you stay in the flow.

What data sources are available in tableau CRM?

We don’t believe in discriminating against data sources. Tableau CRM is open to any data, including structured CRM data in Salesforce, financial data in SAP, or inventory data in Oracle.

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