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Frequently Asked Questions

What can you do with tableau CRM?

Capture actionable insights right inside your CRM. Put contextual data at your fingertips with AI-powered analytics native to Salesforce. Tableau CRM helps you see ahead, prioritize, and seize business opportunities — the moment it matters most. Discover the story your data has to tell.

How to integrate tableau CRM with Salesforce Developer Edition?

Way to go! You’re logged in to your Developer Edition, a Salesforce org with Tableau CRM enabled and all the necessary permissions defined. Your org also has preloaded data integrated into a Tableau CRM dataset that’s ready to explore.

What is the difference between tableau and Salesforce?

Salesforce revolutionized Customer Relationship Management (CRM) by leveraging the power of the cloud. Tableau puts that rich customer data to work by providing analytics for everyone in your organization. Blend Salesforce data with other types of data for a deeper understanding and increased visibility into opportunities.

What is tabletableau CRM?

Tableau CRM (formerly Einstein Analytics) empowers your Salesforce CRM users with actionable insights and AI-driven analytics right in their workflow. Make the right decision every time Work more efficiently, spot trends faster, predict outcomes, and get AI-based guidance on the best steps to take while you stay in the flow.

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