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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a dataflow in tableau?

The dataflow tool is used to extract and transform data from Salesforce or other connected data sources. Once processed, this data is registered (stored) in a new Tableau CRM dataset. The dataflow follows a set of instructions starting with the extraction of data.

How to create and manage dataset recipes in tableau CRM?

You create and manage dataset recipes in the data manager. Let’s head over there. In Tableau CRM, click the gear icon and then click Data Manager. The data manager opens in a new browser tab. In the data manager, click the Dataflows & Recipes tab. On the Dataflows & Recipes tab, click the RECIPES subtab.

How do I Filter Records in tableau CRM?

A filter transformation — available in Tableau CRM Dataflow and New Data Prep recipes — is a great way to filter records from your existing dataset. With this solution, you can define a filter condition that specifies which records to hold onto.

What is tableau CRM and how does it work?

Tableau CRM offers a wide variety of tools to help solve virtually any data problem and answer any data-related questions that might arise within your organization. But before diving in, it’s important to understand exactly what the project stakeholders are looking for. Knowing their requirements will guide you towards solving the problem.

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