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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is table tennis so popular around the world?

One way would be that its not table tennis that is so popular, the fact that makes table tennis the most played sport in the world is because lost of people just like to hit a ball back and forth and they are also considered table tennis players. It is convenient, because it can be played indoors, weather has no role in playability.

How do you win a table tennis tournament?

Your winning conditions are: Quick Backhand attack to the opponent Backhand corner. This is your main tactics to win. ... You win by variation of placement and rotation. ... Attack 80% to the backhand corner, 20% to his elbow (mid table) and to his wide forehand for variations. ... You like steady and quick backhand attack close the table (up to mid distance from the table).

Who is the best table tennis player of all time?

The best all-time table tennis (or ping-pong) player is Viktor Barna. He was born in Hungary in 1911 and had an amazing career in the somewhat under-appreciated sport. He won 40 World Championship Medals during his career. Twenty-two of them were gold medals.

Is table tennis the most skillful sport?

Table tennis is one of the fastest and most skillful games played around the world. Also known as ping-pong or TT, the rules involved can be slightly confusing for those who do not know much about this sport, but are really not that complicated as thought.

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