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Frequently Asked Questions

What are some serving tips for table tennis beginners?

12 Table Tennis Tips To Play Well Table Tennis Use spin to control. If you have the spin in table tennis, you have everything. ... Mix up serves. You can win easily your colleagues just by using the fast deep serve, or some tricky sidespin serves. Return the service correctly. ... Try to attack first. ... Control the pace of the game. ... Learn the basic techniques. ... Use more Forehand topspin to attack. ... More items...

What are the rules for table tennis?

Basic Table Tennis Rules. Points. A player scores a point when his opponent: fails to make a good serve. fails to make a good return. strikes the ball out of order in a doubles game. touches the playing surface with his free hand while the ball is in play.

How important is table tennis technique?

The first and most important aspect of the game to master is technique. Table tennis is a highly technical sport. If you fail to master the fundamental techniques of the game you are likely to seriously disadvantage yourself as you attempt to improve your level of play and move up to a higher level.

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