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Frequently Asked Questions

Is table tennis a real sport or just a game?

Table Tennis should consider as a hobby since it is more for recreation play only. It is a game only suitable to play in the room or basement of a house.

What are the basic rules of table tennis?

Basic rules for playing table tennis For individual games the white lines on the board mean nothing, but in paired games each player draws diagonally from right to left, guided by the lines drawn on the ... The player or pair who starts on one side in a game must change ends in the next game of the game. ... Serving is done by placing the ball in the palm of the hand. ... More items...

Where can I play table tennis?

You can play table tennis in a nearby table tennis recreational center. In most recreational or leisure centers, you will find a table tennis table where you can play ping pong. table tennis home game. Recreational centers are one of the best places to play the game of table tennis.

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