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Frequently Asked Questions

How to import data from Excel to Latex table?

Import your excel file into R using gdata library or readxl library, then export it with " & " as separator and copy the it from the text file into Latex: library (gdata) data <- readxls ("data.xlsx") write.table (data, file = "export.txt", sep = " & ", row.names = FALSE, quote = FALSE)

How do you create a table in latex?

In LaTeX, tables are typed in tabular environment. A simple table with two centered columns with a separator line between them can be created with begin{tabular}{c|c} a & b \ c & d \ end{tabular} command. Columns are separated with & symbol and a new row can be declared with \ command.

How can I convert a CSV file to a Latex table?

An alternative option is to programmatically modify the csv file to produce a LaTeX table with the shell code below. This gives you total control over the formatting of the final table and does not require extra packages. The caveat is that some of the substitutions need to be done carefully to avoid altering the content of the table.

How do I include LaTeX code in an existing LaTeX document?

The LaTeX code can be copied to the clipboard or saved as a LaTeX file, which then can be included in an existing LaTeX document using the \input command. % Table generated by Excel2LaTeX from sheet ‘Estimation LES’

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