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Frequently Asked Questions

Can a Spinosaurus beat a T-Rex?

The T-Rex got the upper hand at first with a bite to its opponent’s neck, but the Spinosaurus quickly recovered and grabbed the T-Rex with both its teeth and arms, twisting and snapping its neck to win the fight. This scene has been hotly debated among fans for years, questioning whether a Spinosaurus could beat a T-Rex.

Is the Spinosaurus the apex predator in Jurassic Park?

The T-Rex got its symbolic revenge in Jurassic World, but the Spinosaurus still incorrectly stands as the apex predator in the world of Jurassic Park. The Spinosaurus vs. T-Rex scene is one of the low points of the original trilogy, defying science to create a more deadly predator for the protagonists to face.

Is a Tyrannosaurus rex a sail-back dinosaur?

The T. rex is an iconic favorite of the six dinosaur species from the first Jurassic Park, but it's far from unbeatable. If it was unfortunate enough to cross paths with a Spinosaurus by a river or a lake, a Tyrannosaurus Rex might just end up as the sail-back dinosaur's largest catch of the day.

Do you think Tyrannosaurus fighting skills are even?

I think that fighting skills are pretty much even, because T. rex uses brute strength, and Spinosaurus has quick reflexes for catching pterosaurs and fish. Also Spinosaurus has extremely powerful arms. Arms don’t mean shit , Rexy would just bite them clean off . I guess we’ll never know , but I would back the Tyrannosaurus every time .

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